Smithton Primary School

Empowering our school community to



Respectful School, Respectful Behaviour

We demonstrate this by:

  • Building strong relationships with our students and between school, home and community
  • Empowering our students to reach their potential
  • High and consistent expectations for all
  • Commitment to enacting our school values
  • A restorative practice approach

Quality Teaching

We demonstrate this by:

  • Working together to improve student outcomes
  • Strategically using data to inform practice and ensure continuous improvement
  • Following the Inquiry Model to continually reflect, revise and review our practice
  • Personalising learning to suit the needs of all individuals

School – Home – Community Partnerships and Confidence

We demonstrate this by:

  • Valuing and developing relationships
  • Creating quality partnerships to support and enhance student outcomes
  • Ensuring we have open and consistent communication
  • Open and transparent reporting structures

We take great pleasure in welcoming you to our school.

Why you will love learning at Smithton Primary


Literacy and Numeracy

Building Literacy and Numeracy understanding underpins key teaching and learning programs at Smithton Primary. We have an ongoing rigorous improvement agenda focused on both curriculum areas.  Teaching staff work collaboratively within Professional Learning Teams using the Inquiry cycle model to ensure student success through quality differentiated practices and early targeted intervention.


Access, Participation and Engagement

High on our agenda is ensuring all students are able to access, participate and fully engage in their learning.  We recognise that for some students this is challenging and therefore have adopted a proactive approach to the provision of positive re-engagement strategies and flexible learning provisions.


Early Years

We recognise that early provision of quality educational opportunities is a key success factor in setting infants and young children up for a positive learning pathway. We have a strong Early Years program targeting children from Birth to 5 years. The great head start we offer pre-school children is further strengthened through quality learning practices in Kinder to Grade 2. Our practice is guided by the  Refocusing Teaching and Learning in the Early Years initiative. We actively build positive relationships with families through the Learning in Families Together (LiFT) initiative where partnerships between families and school staff is central to success.

Parent Involvement

Parents are most welcome at the school at any time of the year to discuss the progress of their son or daughter with their class teacher. An appointment can be made at the school office. We strongly believe in building and maintaining our relationships...

Transition to High School

Moving from primary to high school can be a time of excitement and new experiences but it can also be challenging and worrying for many students. The five Circular Head primary schools work collaboratively with Smithton High School to ensure that year 5...

Assessment and Reporting

Throughout the year Smithton Primary sends home three reports for years Prep to 6 and provides Kindergarten reports for parents/carers.

Circular Head Cluster Activities

The Circular Head Cluster is made up of the five government primary schools in Circular Head and Smithton High School who all work collaboratively in promoting and enhancing public education in our area. During the year there are numerous opportunities for...

Launching into Learning Program

Launching into Learning is a program for young children, Birth to 5 years old and their families, where you and your child can form relationships with your local school and other families before they start Kindergarten. Children learn a lot in the first...

School Sports Programs

Smithton Primary School has four house teams which help students develop belonging and sportsmanship behaviours. The house teams are named after shipwrecks off the Circular Head coast. They are Albion (blue) Kermandie (yellow), Alert (green) and Valiant...

Welcome to our Community


Indigenous and Proud

Smithton Primary School had traditionally held a high proportion of indigenous student enrolments which reflect the strong ties to indigenous heritage within our Circular Head community.  Generally, between 28 to 36% of our student population identify as indigenous. For this reason we actively recognise and celebrate the diversity of our students within an inclusive approach. We are involved in an ongoing project to ensure indigenous cultural heritage is respected and acknowledged. Students have been involved in the creation of several mural panels which frame the entrance to our main foyer. Two artists in residence have been working alongside students to teach aspects of indigenous culture as well as artistic skills. An indigenous remembrance garden with totemic visuals and a footprint trail is currently under construction. This is an evolving and ongoing project.


Specialist Subjects/Tier 3

Specialist Subjects – At Smithton Primary School we provide students with the opportunity to develop a passion for and skills in other aspects of the curriculum during Specialist Lessons. These include Arts, Health and Physical Education and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). During these lessons, students engage in activities that involve visual arts, music, sport, design and construction. As well as this, students participate in a range of hands-on activities in our outdoor learning space that incorporates the newly designed and constructed school vegetable garden, chook and calf pen.

Tier 3 – Recognising that some students find accessing, participating and engaging, successfully in their learning programs can be challenging for some students at Smithton Primary has taken a proactive approach to flexible and alternative provisions for learning in order to meet the needs of identified students. Within the school we have established a ‘Green Room’, so named for the reference to the ‘green’ Zone of Regulation where an individual’s emotional state is calm and regulated. Students accessing Tier 3 provisions each have an Individual Education Plan which reflects the adjustments and accommodations that are required in order to support the student to learn successfully. Collaboration with families is central to the success of a student’s participation. Students accessing Tier 3 will work between their classroom and the Green room on highly individualised activities supported by an appropriate staff member.

Let’s start building your future with us.