Throughout the year Smithton Primary sends home three reports for years Prep to 6 and provides Kindergarten reports for parents/carers.


  • Report 1 (Years Prep to 6)
    Progress Reports are sent home by Easter followed by parent/student teacher meetings upon request.
  • Report 2 (Years Prep to 6)
    Full written student report including assessment and comments for all subjects. This report will be available for collection from the school mid-year during parent/teacher meetings.  Students may attend upon request from either parents or school staff.
  • Report 3 (Years Prep to 6)
    The final report is a summation of results and a comment on overall student performance. The report will be sent home during the second last week of the school year allowing parent/teacher meetings in the final week if required.
  • Kinder Reporting
    Parents are encouraged to communicate regularly with their child’s teacher. Early in Term 1, parent meetings will be offered.  Kinder students are assessed against the Kindergarten Development Check (KDC) markers twice a year – Terms 2 & 4. Meetings with parents after the completion of the first KDC in Term 1 will be available. Kindergarten assessment processes are based on the child’s progress against the Early Years Learning Framework A Celebration of Learning document containing evidence of children’s learning against the five outcomes will be compiled for each student throughout the year and provided for parents in Term 4.