The Circular Head Cluster is made up of the five government primary schools in Circular Head and Smithton High School who all work collaboratively in promoting and enhancing public education in our area.

During the year there are numerous opportunities for students from all Circular Head government schools to come together to participate in events such as the Maths Relay, Middle Years Literacy Program, sporting carnivals, Reading Relay and transition activities.

MYLP – The Middle Years Literacy Project is a 3 year initiative which the Circular Head Cluster of government schools is engaged.  Smithton Primary, alongside Cluster schools, is heavily invested in driving an improved job embedded professional learning program designed to strengthen teaching practices and improve literacy outcomes specifically for  Grades 4- 8 students. National research data indicates there is typically a drop in student performance from primary to secondary school. Improving Writing outcomes is the focus of our project. We are working alongside Professor Beverly Deriewanka as a Professional Learning Community of schools to acquire deeper levels of proficiency to assist our students. We are committed to raising the profile of writing as a key literacy skill. We have established a student steering team in order to provide students the opportunity to make input into the direction of the project. Students initiated a highly popular Writers Camp which will become an annual feature of our program. We are bringing successful children’s authors into our schools to work with students and have offered an innovative program titled “Shakespeare in the Cluster’ to both provoke and challenge traditional forms of writing.