Smithton Primary School has four house teams which help students develop belonging and sportsmanship behaviours. The house teams are named after shipwrecks off the Circular Head coast. They are Albion (blue) Kermandie (yellow), Alert (green) and Valiant (red).

During the year students represent their houses in the annual Athletics Carnival and Cross Country. Students are then selected to participate in the Circular Head Athletics and Cross Country Carnivals as a pathway to state carnivals.

As an island state surrounded by coast line, as well as inland waters and other aquatic environments, swimming and water safety are necessary life skills that add to our health, fitness and wellbeing.  Activities such as fishing, boating, water play, swimming, surfing, diving etc. require swimming and water safety skills.

In acknowledgement of the importance that water safety and swimming capabilities play throughout our lives, Smithton Primary follows education department guidelines which mandate that all students learn to be safe and competent in water environments, as a compulsory component of the primary curriculum.  We offer both an Early Childhood and 3-6 Water Safety Program at no cost to our students. We plan carefully to ensure that every child feels safe and relaxed during this program.